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Toppuror Brand Concept

Toppuror professional equipment factory, located in Taiwan, mainland China and other places in Canada, specializes in the production of pure clean drinking water RO system, energy water machine and full screen water station with the latest science technology and efficient water supply system direct output module as the core technology, adopted imported super fine fiber, nanoscale activated carbon, used in central water purifier, household water purifiers, water softeners, ultraviolet disinfection, water machine, straight drink machine, commercial and industrial water purification equipment in seven series net drinking water products, and every kind of filter cartridges, filter housings and other components with spare parts. Toppuror brand pure clean drinking water products and the selection of materials have achieved NSF, CE, GS, UL, WRAS and the Mainland Ministry of Health of safety certification, and for the United States Water Quality Association.

Toppuror respected quality first, brand first, service the best, insist on perfection, always adhere to the customer is responsible, responsible for the safety of customers, committed to producing high-quality products, strict international quality management system certification requirements, the establishment of strict product inspection system, full implementation of quality management, the pursuit of "innovation, intelligence, health, environmental protection," the service concept to all consumers, sustainable green energy Earth, enjoying perfect health safety net of clean drinking water forever.