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TPR-UF004,Lime restraint cartridge set


Lime restraint cartridge set

Sodium Hexametaphoshate material
When water go throguh filter, the Sodium Hexametaphoshate will slowly dissolve into Water and then pass through Our unique patent-design housing, they Will gently release & mis on quantitative into Water. It can resist limescale formed after Water boiling. And, not only it can resist rust Color that was made by excessive iron-ion Oxidization, but also can prevent water pipe not to be oxidized & corroded. Furthermore, it can remove existed rust or limescale so let water flow freely in the pipe and slow down the growth of moss.

Used for where water quality is with annoying problems caused by lime, iron rust, moss, such like Household Waterpurification system, Gas Water-heater, Solar Water-heater, Electric Water-heater, Water dispenser, Coffee Maker, Beverage dispenser, Cooling water tower, Water purifier, Fog-Cooling System machine... etc.

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