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Second Generation Smart Tech Water Station
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Smart Tech Water Station RO Hydrogen Energy Water Station
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TPR-WS101 RO Hydrogen Energy Water Station
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Product Characteristic
  • The water vending machine for communities, businesses, streets, subway, schools, hydrogen energy automatic vending machines.
  • The use of advanced water purification technology in Germany, ten water purification, can remove sediment, algae, chlorine, heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria in the water.
  • Stainless steel body, easy to open multimedia design, safety and health, durable and installation.
  • Safe to drink.
  • 24 hours of uninterrupted UV sterilization, to ensure water hygiene.
  • Automatic photosensitive sensor control and inspection lamp, saving power.
  • All disposable filter, trouble-free maintenance, reduce the cost.
  • Put in Coins
  • Can buy prepaid cards for charge cards
  • Can play outdoor advertising screen for company marketing.

First stage 16" In line PP Pleated filter
Second stage 16" In line Resin softly filter
Third stage 16" In line KDF + GAC coconut carbon
Fourth stage 10” 5uM PP Non-woven filter USA
Fifth stage 10” GAC coconut shell filter USA
Sixth stage 10” Resin softly filter Germany
Seventh stage 10” Bio-energy antibacterial silver carbon Japan
Eighth stage 10” Hydrogen + negative potential energy filter USA
Ninth stage 10” UF Hollow fiber membrane USA
Tenth stage Ultraviolet sterilizer UV 2G
  • Power: 220V / 60Hz / single phase
  • Water Pressure:3-5kg/cm² (such as insufficient site pressure, the need to install pressure motor)
  • Machine using SUS # 304 stainless steel and galvanized steel and tempered glass powder paint build
  • Machine Size:1270mm * 540mm * 2310mm
  • Filling capacity for flow adjustment
  • Independent host control, large LCD, easy to operate
  • Water source must be pre-treated with 20-inch PP and UF hollow fiber membrane to ensure water quality and stability
  • Two-sided LED subtitles machine, advertising the best results
  • Whole surface of the glass, the most prominent corporate image
  • Most prominent signs
  • Two 7-inch multimedia, brief description of the most convenient
  • Liquid contact surface is stainless steel or PVC, in line with GMP specifications
  • left and right double water, the most diverse choice
  • Whole LED lighting, one-week timer, environmental protection and energy saving
  • Filling chamber and water gun for stainless steel
  • Use tap water. If use underground water, must has pre-treatment before water machine

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