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Direct RO System
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Integrated composite water system w/ intelligent faucet 100GPD

1. integrated filter as disposable design for reducing the filter replacement cost, use RO membrane for core material, stable performance
2. double panel display design for body and faucet, easy checking the water quality, user can easily know the unit status by intelligent touch panel faucet light anytime
3. Built-in UVC-LED lamp with deep ultraviolet sterilization technology to prevent bacterial growth
4. High-tech system design, water output speed as fast as 700G machine, water intake 3.5L at a time
5.super low wastewater, drainage reduction, save more energy, water and more healthy, environmental protection

voltage: 220V
rated power: 46W
total treated water volume: 2500L
purified water tank volume: 4L
N.W.: 9kg
water flow: 0.19L/min(25°C)
operating pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa
Applicable pressure:0.1~0.4MPa
environment degree: 4~40°C
size: 413x382x190mm