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water faucet
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water soften faucet

total treated water volume: filtration capacity of free residual chlorine is 8000L ; filtration capacity of pollution is 8000L

filter: stainless steel net + KDF + lemon extraction
water flow: 2-9L/min (under pressure of 0.1Mpa-0.3Mpa)
product material: Copper chrome plating, zinc alloy chrome plating
product size: 156x103x200mm

1.extraction of natural fruit made of organic filter material, natural and secure
2. adsorb calcium, magnesium ions and heavy metals such as lead and mercury effectively, high-efficiency soften water
3.Streamlined design of faucet body, multi-layer plating, long-lasting bright, stylish
4. One-piece replaceable filter design, change more quickly and pollution-free
5. soft and comfortable Bubble-like water
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