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Toppuror Water SPA
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Japanese carbon water shower SPA

core skill of Japanese filter
Japanese import ACF

.longer life, better water purifying
.more water purifying output, and speedy
.reduce chlorine effectively by activated carbon fiber w/o carbon fallen and no black water
.disposable filter, cleaner and more secure
.multi-level deep composition, large amount of pollution
. block large substance such as the rust, dirt, oocyst
.reduce the harmful substance such as the residual chlorine, heavy metal
.booster and filtration, protect skin and hair, negative ions
.matte treatment, comfortable to hold
.matte for anti-slip in partial, more qualify
.The water output speed is 4 times comparing with the ordinary shower
.water saving 30%
. softer water, negative ions released

.general spec. interface, calibration line
.general spec., clear thread, install easily
.guttiform calibration line
.prevent over rotating the sprinkler to damage the thread

.qualified granule activated carbon
 Remove the rust, colloid, impurities, residual chlorine…etc..

.service life is only a reference, it depends on the number of users and local water quality)
 Please replace the filter periodically

size: Ø5.8 x 26.5cm
operating temperature: 0~60°C
treated water: 24,000L
material of case: ABS resin
material of filter: ACF activated carbon fiber, non-woven fabric
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