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15.6”LCD screen RO water dispenser
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Smart screen RO water dispenser

It can dispose 10L heating tank. Each equipment can meet 30~50 people daily drinking water demand. Applicated position is office, administrative building, bank, government departments, school, hospital

15.6” 2K HD LCD screen
.Double LED immersion bacteriostatic lamp + hot cathode instantly disinfect of UV germicidal lamp
.Filter life computes by accurate cloud, replace the filter actively after-sales
.Real-time cloud monitoring of water quality, automatically alarm when TDS value exceeds 50.
.Filter replacement cloud verification to ensure original made filter.
. APP cloud advise to repair function by one-click
. Water leakage protection, automatic cut off water inlet source, cloud alarm, actively maintain after-sales.
. Android, 4G networking
.Time to switch on/off daily, remote control by APP, set weekday/weekend separately
.Three kinds of water temperature: hot, ambient and cold water, two-color water light

product N.W.: 29.5kg
working method: RO
100 GPD capacity: 100 GPD
storage tank: 8L
heating tank capacity: 5L
cooling tank capacity: 0.8L
hot water temp.: 40~100℃
cold water temp.: 5~15℃
operating environment: 4~40℃ indoor
voltage: 220V
rated power: 1000W
product size: 400x413x1500mm
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