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Integrated water softener
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TPR-WS30A(Visable window)

Integrated water softener

Product features
1. entral water purifier and central water softener integrated
2. arge flow design, can realize the whole house clean & soft water program
3· Visualize pre-filter design to view pre-filter usage at any time
4. Pre-filter realizes automatic positive and negative flushing, no need to change filter, long service life
5. Rotate the front filter bottom knob to manually brush the filter housing and cartridge
6. Monthly standard circle design, easy to remember manual brushing time
7. Touch button design, the appearance is more beautiful, the operation is more convenient

Visible prefilter
Automatic backwashing, flushing
Personalized top cover design

ontrol valve type: softer and purer integrated
Regeneration mode: flow time hybrid / time type
Resin capacity:25L
Recommended flow:<=2.0T/H
Work pressure:0.15-0.5MPa
Power standard:220V/110V 50Hz
Inlet and outlet size:3/4” 1”
Drainage pipe size:Φ18mm
Salt valve:Yes
Product size (WxDxH):570x392x1102mm