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UF Drinking System
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Kitchen UF water purifier

1.qualify: French craft to meet EU standard of the product capability and efficiency: food grade material of stainless steel SUS304, high strength, environmental protection, safe and durable.

3.water purification: remove the rust, bacteria, bleaching powder, residual chlorine…etc., the harmful substance, keep the mineral elements which are beneficial to human. MTF technology for restraint the germs in the water.

4.easy maintain: flush w/o any tools by globe valve, user friendly

5.large output of water: satisfying the whole family water demand including drinking and daily usage.

6.environmental production and energy save: free plug-in and free drainage, physical filtration

initial flow: 1000L/H
environment degree: 4°C-40°C
average degree: 5°C-38°C
water inlet: municipal tap water
dimension: 480*150*280mm
working pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa
filtration method: physical filtration
filter substance: tiny harmful substance like bacterial
filter accuracy: 0.01um
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