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Core Products
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Bathing water shower SPA

1. Using ACF (activated carbon fiber) imported from Japan, ACF is a new generation of highly efficient active adsorption material, which adsorbs couple times to dozens of times comparing to GAC activated carbon.

2.The plant adhesive imported from Japan is used to ensure the adsorption efficiency of ACF materials.

3.Using nano silver activated carbon imported from Japan to prevent secondary pollution of bacteria.

4.Patent molding processing technology ensures the flow rate of the filter.

5.The whole process of dust-free production process ensures that the filter has no processing pollution.
flow of purifying:5-7L/min
working pressure:0.1-0.5MPa
treated water volume 24000L
water temp. 4-60℃ (suitable for municipal tap water)

material of body case ABS resin
material of filter: ACF activated carbon fiber, non-woven fabric

.Removal of pesticides, chemical residues
.Remove odor and turbidity from water
.Remove heavy metals such as rust…etc.
.increase negative oxygen ion in the bathroom
.softer, smoother and more clear water
.99% removal of chlorine from water
.soften water

.Inflammatory skin can be also bathed
.The acne on the skin heals quickly
.itchy and dry skin
.split end of hair and loses