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Drinking Water System
Drinking Water Treatment System with Faucet


Drinking Water System w/faucet

Purest quality flavor: water, water is the most fundamental pursuit of taste and flavor, dechlorination, eliminated heterochromatic odor, so that the whole family will love to drink water, naturally healthy living.
Efficient filtration function: the maximum processing capacity of 57,000 liters (depending on the area of water quality may be).
Medical-grade activated carbon formulations patented carbon fiber: Real certification by NSF, is more detailed than the general activated carbon, imagine tiny particles carbon fiber can catch 80 football fields of chlorine, impurities, pesticides, heavy metals and other hazardous substances.
Pleated complex patented filters: multilayer thin film filter, designed as folding, allowing water to filter through the layers of energy, meticulous than conventional designs filtered several times, to catch any sediment, rust and you are worried about, all kinds of parasitic insects, fungi etc ... impurity greater than 0.5 microns.
Dimensions 16”H, 3/8”in/out
Filter pore size 1 micro
Treated water 57,000L
Flow 1.5GPM
Pressure filter maximum pressure 125 psi
Replacement Everpure MC2. MH2. I20002
Position Ice machine、coffee machine、office & household water...etc