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water faucet
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kitchen UF water faucet

8 Advantages
1.Dual function of tap water and mineral water
2.5 layer filter
3.Transparent filter, visible filtration, easy for changing
4.Removal of waste system, easy cleaning procedures
5.Food grade material for filtration core
6.Water resistant materials for faucet, no added lead
product name: water faucet
body material: international lead-free brass
applicated core valve: ceramic core valve
surface: chromium coated/spray paint
switch: cold and hot water mixed valve

sealed performance: pass, under the static pressure of 1.6Mpa
strength performance: pass, under the high static pressure of 2.5Mpa
life performance: >70,000 cycles of international standard, life can reach to 500,000 times by on/off

filter cartridge replacement after 8-11 months (replace the filter cartridge if the waterflow reach to 8000L)
configuration: multi-filter in level 5 + magnetization function (absorb hydron more easily)

Product Package Size:525 x 439 x 137mm
Commodity Weight:4.0kg
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