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20" 3 stage water purifier

. Catering, ice making, pre-filtering
. wall mounted installation
.plug-in free, drainage free
.improve water quality
.catering kitchen pre-filtering water
.cafe, beverage shop, restaurant, shopping mall, catering
.It can remove residual chlorine and odor and improve the quality of food.
.Filtration of rust, sand, impurities in water, adsorption of residual chlorine, heterochromatic and odor
.The wall-mounted type save the working space, and one unit can supply water to several devices!

.Large flow filtration to meet more water demand
.Reduce the blockage of impurities in ice making equipment
.applicable equipment: water dispenser, coffee machine, ice machine
.Retain minerals, inhibit scale, filter calcium and magnesium ions, sand, and heavy metals

1st stage: 5uM PP fiber filter
2nd stage: GAC granule carbon cartridge
3rd stage: CTO carbon block cartridge