Core Products

Toppuror Water SPA

SPA shower filter is like water SPA, clear the body quickly.
KDF Copper-zinc alloy
It can produce electricity exchange reaction and remove heavy metal, Cooper, lead, mercury, arsenic... etc.
Nano Silver activated carbon
Utilize unique nano-silver patent processing technology to Combine With top-grade COConut shell activated carbon. With good removal of chloroform and deodoring as well as 99.99% of bacteria resistance.
Anion Tourmaline energy ball
Tourmaline negative ions to prevent physical Custody, to improve the Self-healing powers. And with the activation of cell function, promote blood circulation, it is not easy to fatigue. Therefore anion "air Vitamins" in the World.
Far infrared energy ball
Resonance release far infrared far infrared energy ball with Water molecules, macromolecules of Water in Water can be turned into Small molecules of Water, the Water will be activated, and activation of skin cells, promote metabolism. Incubation light to have a beneficial effect on the human body and other organisms into and release.
The calcium sulfite dechlorination ceramic ball
Use of the calcium Sulfite dechlorination efficient ceramic balls, removal of harmful Substances Such as chlorine and chloroform the dechlorination purification effect is more than traditional activated carbon hundredfold, purified Water allows the skin from chlorine injury.

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